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My personalized marathon poster

You have spent entire weeks training, you have "eaten up" miles until you no longer want to, bought all the runner's paraphernalia: shoes, connected watch, shorts and marathon t-shirt, and you have succeeded! The 42.195km have been covered, and you want to immortalize this moment?

Good news: we can personalize your ride! Many pre-made and customizable posters are available on our store, all you need to do is enter your information: first name, date, time, bib (optional), elevation (optional), etc.

How to personalize a cycling, trail, triathlon poster?

Here again, our team works tirelessly to prepare its most beautiful customizable posters for you! Many templates are already available for customization, where you just need to enter your information

However, our store is growing, and our days are 24 hours long. We therefore thank you for your patience, and we invite you to contact our support at contact@walloffame.fr to suggest your customizable poster!

What other commitments for your posters?

We are proud to offer museum quality posters, all ready for framing. Everything is done in France: from high-quality giclée-type printing, through packaging in a recycled and recyclable triangle tube, to shipping.

We chose 250g/m² satin paper. This is important information: the denser the weight, the longer the poster will last. A weight less than 130g/m² will not guarantee a long life for your poster. Above 220g/m² your poster is (almost) immortal!

Finally, we use paper from certified forests with the FSC label. This is an ecological label supported by NGOs such as Greenpeace, WWF...

So don't wait any longer and check out all our posters of the most beautiful arenas in France and the world!

Your personalized poster