Happy New Year 2024
🎁 Gifts made in France for athletes!
Get ready for a year 2024 full of surprises! 😍
Also discover our football totebags ⚽👇

Complete your basket with 100% cotton and ultra-resistant totebags on the Football theme!

Our most beautiful mugs representing the best football, basketball, rugby, tennis, golf stadiums and more

What's better than starting the day with a mug in the colors of your favorite sports team?

But have you thought about immortalizing your most beautiful playground on a mug? This is where we come in! We have created and designed personalized cups for you with the stadiums and players of your favorite club!

How do I personalize my sports mug?

Better yet, it is possible to personalize your running mug, by adding your performance during the last marathon, your hike or run.

Our company offers to create your personalized mug within 7 to 10 days! Simply contact us on our support at contact@walloffame.fr

After all, that’s also the advantage of being able to count on a Made in France store!

What are the characteristics of our mugs with a sporty design?

We are happy to offer you the same visuals available as posters also in mugs.

In fact, we don't always know where to hang our poster, even though we use a mug every morning while having our coffee or hot drink!

This is why we have created this collection of sports mugs just for you, and to help you in your search for an original gift for athletes!

So don't wait any longer and check out all our mugs with inimitable colors and designs!