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How to personalize your marathon poster?

How to personalize your marathon poster?

Marathons are intense and memorable events for runners. Once the race is over, participants often look for a way to remember their performance and their achievement. Personalized decorative posters for marathons are a great way to remember this unique experience and motivate yourself for future challenges. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of having a personalized decorative poster for your marathon and how Wall of Fame, a French company specializing in sports posters , can help you create yours.

1) The advantages of having a personalized decorative poster after a marathon

a) Personalization as a souvenir of the race

When you run a marathon, you work hard to achieve your goal. Very often, you follow a precise, detailed and demanding marathon program. A personalized decorative poster allows you to keep track of your success and remind you of the challenges you overcame to achieve it. You can personalize your poster with your name, the name of the race, the date and other information. This will allow you to remember this unique experience for many years.

b) Poster as a source of motivation for future challenges

After completing a marathon, many runners look to take on new challenges. It's well known that once you start, you can't do without it! A personalized decorative poster can help you stay motivated for your next goal. You can hang it in your bedroom, gym or office to remind you of your success and potential.

c) The poster as a decorative object for the home or office

Besides serving as a reminder and source of motivation, a personalized decorative poster can also be an attractive decorative item for your home or office. You can choose a format ( ranging from A4 to A1 ) and a design that suits your personal style and tastes. You can also use the poster as a starting point for a sports decoration theme in your home or office for example!

2) Presentation of Wall of Fame and offers for personalized decorative posters for marathons

Wall of Fame is a French company specializing in personalized decorative sports posters . They offer a wide variety of sports posters, including custom marathon posters. Their easy-to-use online customization process allows you to create your own poster in just a few clicks.

The advantage is this: many models are already made in advance. So, find the designs of the Paris marathon , London marathon, Tokyo , New York , or Beaujolais! All you have to do is choose your colors and fill in your information and that's it!

3) The key elements to personalize on a decorative marathon poster

a) Race information: name, date, location, etc.

The name of the race, the date, the location, are key information to include on your personalized decorative poster. This will help you remember the event and the race in general.

b) The results of the race: time, distance covered, etc.

Race results, such as your race time, distance covered, ranking or medal, are also important elements to include on your personalized decorative poster. This will help you remember your performances and achievements.

4) How to order your personalized decorative marathon poster from Wall of Fame

Now that you know all about custom decorative marathon posters and what Wall of Fame has to offer, you may be interested in ordering your own poster. Here are the steps to follow to order your personalized decorative marathon poster from Wall of Fame:

1. Go to the Wall of Fame website and click on the “ Personalization ” category in the main menu.

2. Select the “ Marathon ” sub-collection and choose your race from the different options offered.

3. Then choose the poster format you prefer: from the smallest (A4: 21 x 29.7 cm) to the largest (A1: 84.1 x 59.4 cm). Most often, the A2 poster is preferred (59.4 x 42 cm) for a better rendering.

4. Personalize your poster by choosing the elements you want to appear: your name, your race time, the date of the event, etc. As well as the colors of the bottom of the poster and the race route.

Once you have finished personalizing your poster, add it to your cart and finalize your order by following the steps indicated on the site.

You will receive a preview of your poster before confirming the order , so remember to check your emails (remember to check spam, you never know...). Finally, you will receive your personalized poster at home within 3 to 5 days after validation of your order only!

In conclusion, personalized decorative marathon posters are a great way to remember your performance and keep you motivated for future challenges. With the Wall of Fame offer, you can personalize your poster according to your preferences and receive it at home in different formats. So don't hesitate any longer and order your own personalized decorative marathon poster from Wall of Fame now !

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