Happy New Year 2024
🎁 Gifts made in France for athletes!
Get ready for a year 2024 full of surprises! 😍


Discover our collection of Wall of Fame puzzles in 500 pieces! Transform your favorite sports posters into puzzles for unique gaming and decorating fun.

Choose from our minimalist and customizable posters to create elegant and original puzzles.

Ideal for wall decoration lovers and puzzle enthusiasts.

Pre-order now and add a touch of creativity to your interior!

Football puzzle

Our most beautiful puzzles representing the best football, basketball, rugby, tennis, golf stadiums and more

What could be more soothing than making a 500 piece puzzle in the colors of your favorite sports team?

We have created and designed personalized puzzles for you with the stadiums and players of your favorite club!

How to order your sports puzzle?

Our company offers to create your stadium puzzles to pre-order in order to be delivered within 10 to 15 days! Simply contact us on our support at contact@walloffame.fr

After all, that’s also the advantage of being able to count on a Made in France store!

What are the characteristics of our puzzles with sports visuals?

We are happy to offer you the same visuals available as a poster also as a puzzle.

However, due to a significant manufacturing cost, we offer to pre-order your puzzle in order to organize manufacturing waves every month

Don't wait any longer and treat yourself to a 100% unique and original gift, impossible to find anywhere else!